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Unleash Your Creativity, Empower Your Business, Leave Your Legacy – Coach Dyana: Guiding Creative Women to Entrepreneurial Successess


I am Coach Dyana, the founder of a vision born from a pivotal moment in my life—the loss of someone extraordinarily dear to me. This profound experience catalyzed my resolve to guide and mentor women artists and creatives on their entrepreneurial journeys. I help you leave a legacy through business, art, and writing, empowering you to transform your passion into lasting impact and inspiration.

A Visionary

It is my professional mission to inspire and assist 1,000 women in launching their businesses within the next five years. My belief in the boundless potential of every individual is the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. Often, in our youth, we are drawn to pursuits filled with passion—be it sports, art, or creativity. Yet, the onset of adult responsibilities may lead us to set aside those early dreams.

But I bring you a message of hope and empowerment: It is never too late to rekindle the dreams that once ignited your spirit. Each one of us harbors a mission, a calling that is uniquely ours. In my work with women, we dive deep to unearth and understand this calling. The process is profound and transformative.

I am here not only to help you rediscover this mission but also to enable you to become the leading lady in your own life story. Through our collaborative efforts, you will learn to command the stage of your life with confidence and purpose, transforming your narrative into one of triumph and fulfillment.

Embrace the opportunity to be the protagonist of your drama, the architect of your destiny, and leave your legacy. Let us embark on this voyage of rediscovery and entrepreneurial creation, where you are the star shining brightly at the center of your business universe.

With unwavering support and the spotlight awaiting you, Coach Dyana



Coach Dyana is a culturepreneur who embraces all cultures, with a particular love for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas and storytelling. She believes in the interconnectedness of life and is passionate about cheering on entrepreneurs as they embark on exhilarating journeys to transform creative visions into thriving business realities. As a friendly guide and “coachsultant” with over thirty years of colorful experiences, Dyana navigates the vibrant intersection of art and business, weaving together thoughtful coaching insights with practical consulting steps to help artists and creatives chart a direct path to success. Her approach is all about co-creation – mixing unique talents with smart business tactics to paint success stories together.

My Journey

My journey began in the realm of business coaching, where I mentored franchisees to not only launch and grow their ventures but also to scale them into profitable entities. My success in this arena led me to the world of marketing, where I offered my expertise to another franchise operation and a nonprofit organization, honing my skills across both profit and nonprofit sectors.

Embracing the digital revolution, I ventured into the creation of my own business, diving deep into the realms of blogging, website development, and the ever-evolving digital landscape. This journey through the digital cosmos has been nothing short of fascinating, and it is here that I’ve discovered the power of authenticity and the strength that lies within.

Now, I dedicate myself to inspiring women to forge and leave a profound legacy in the realms of business, social entrepreneurship, art, and writing. It’s about igniting the fire within, empowering you to shape a future that echoes with your impact and vision. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of creation and influence, weaving your unique stories into the fabric of society and history. Let’s turn your aspirations into lasting legacies that inspire generations to come

My Values & Beliefs

Unlimited Potential


I believe in the unlimited potential of all women. Every woman carries within her a wellspring of creativity and strength, capable of achieving extraordinary things. By recognizing and nurturing this boundless potential, women can rise to any challenge and shape their destinies.

Lifelong Innovation


I believe it’s never too late to create something new. Innovation and creativity are not confined by age. The pursuit of new ideas and ventures is a lifelong journey that can begin at any moment. With each new day comes the opportunity to reinvent oneself and bring fresh concepts to life.

Forge Your Legacy

  • I hold the conviction that everyone benefits from the support of a coach and/or mentor. The journey towards both personal and professional development flourishes under their guidance. A coach or mentor brings to the table not only their knowledge and insight but also a spirit of encouragement and a mechanism for accountability, playing a pivotal role in unveiling the immense potential residing within each person

My Approach

Empowering Journeys: Blending Business Savvy with Well-Being, Digital Innovation, and Leaving Your Legacy

As a recent graduate of the Cornell Entrepreneurship program, I realized the importance of creating value and cultivating a legacy that will help others. As a lifelong learner, my career has been extremely varied and transformative, shaping me into the coachsultant that I am today. This journey has included traversing all levels of education, integrating the digital revolution into business life, and embracing well-being coaching on a larger scale, particularly as I transitioned from my background in the corporate sector. These experiences have endowed me with a diverse skill set, enabling me to deliver coaching sessions and consulting assignments with an inclusive approach that prioritizes both health and business success.

Having started out teaching young minds, then advancing to strategic growth roles in boardrooms, and eventually becoming a VP on a non-profit wellness board, my career progression has equipped me with essential knowledge and skills for both enterprise operations and human resource development. For instance, I have led workshops on stress management for women in business, fostering a strong affinity for women’s self-actualization and overall wellness.

I am passionate about digital marketing and enjoy personal interactions, which is why I merge the power of podcasting with my proficiency in website design. This has allowed me to amplify the voices of over 60 female entrepreneurs and entertainers through my blog. These conversations have reinforced that achieving greatness requires determination and support from others. Beyond writing articles and co-authoring books to share business ideas, storytelling and creating digital content excite me as they inspire future generations. By merging innovative digital practices with compelling real-life stories of women turning their dreams into reality, we can engage audiences while enriching content and emphasizing the importance of well-being.

Crafting Your Brand’s Heartbeat: The Power of Personal Narratives in Business Differentiation

In the competitive business landscape, your personal story can serve as a beacon that sets your brand apart. My specialization as a coachsultant lies in empowering women entrepreneurs to find their authentic voice. By the end of our journey together, you will have developed a brand identity centered around your personal narrative. This narrative will become your signature, a unique element that communicates who you are and forms a connection with your target audience. By crafting such narrative signatures, we ensure they not only reflect your journey, values, and vision but also serve as powerful differentiation tools, deeply impacting your audience and leaving a lasting legacy.



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