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Join me, Coach Dyana, on a transformative journey to turn your creative aspirations into a thriving business reality. With a proven track record of success and a dedication to your unique creative path, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s create your future, today.

Seizing the Moment: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Female Artists and Creatives to Launch Their Business

Now is a magical time for female artists and creatives to spread their wings and launch their dreams into successful businesses! The digital world has opened up endless possibilities, making it easier than ever to share your art and creativity with the whole world. Through social media, not only can you showcase your work, but you can also build a community of fans and supporters who can’t wait to see what you create next. There’s a special place in people’s hearts for unique, handcrafted pieces that tell a story, and that’s exactly what you can offer. Plus, with the world cheering on women entrepreneurs more loudly than ever, there’s a warm, encouraging breeze at your back. So, why wait? The time to turn your passion into your livelihood is now. Let’s make it happen together!


Transform Your Passion into Profit and Leave an impactful Legacy

As a dedicated coach, my mission centers around empowering women, with a particular focus on baby boomers, female artists, writers, and those who are keen to start social entrepreneurship ventures. I am driven by the desire to help women leave a lasting legacy that positively impacts society. My coaching services are tailored to provide comprehensive support to female creatives and social entrepreneurs, especially from the baby boomer generation, guiding them through the complexities of launching and growing their businesses.

MY Philosophy

Embracing the Coach Dyana System: A Legacy of Beauty, Good, and Value


Leaving a legacy focused on beauty means doing what you love and sharing that passion with others Whether it’s through art, design, or simply finding joy in everyday aesthetics, focusing on beauty has the power to inspire and enhance the lives of those around you. By appreciating and creating beauty, you can elevate the mundane and bring a touch of wonder to every moment.


By helping others see the world in a more beautiful light, you can leave a lasting impact on society and bring positivity to the world. Small acts of kindness and beauty can ripple outwards, creating a wave of good that transforms communities and uplifts spirits.


By valuing and earning a living doing what you love, you can show others the importance of pursuing their passions. Living authentically and passionately demonstrates that a meaningful and beautiful life is within reach for everyone. Your dedication can inspire others to seek out their own paths, creating a world where value is measured by joy, fulfillment, and the positive impact we have on each other.

By embracing on Coach Dyana System, doing so, you not only enrich your own life but also contribute to a legacy that inspires, uplifts, and transforms the world around you.


Everyone possesses unlimited potential within.

I believe everyone has unlimited potential within, and my role is to help you bring it out. Recognizing and leveraging the unique strengths, talents, and experiences of each individual forms the cornerstone of my approach.


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My coaching and consulting package is aimed at empowering women boomers, female artists, and socialpreneurs. It is designed to solve a number of obstacles faced by aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some key problems I can address:


  1. Lack of Direction
    • Many aspiring entrepreneurs have passion but lack clear direction. My coaching helps in setting clear, achievable business goals. I guide clients through the process of defining their vision and objectives.
  2. Overwhelm with Starting a Business
    • The complexity of starting a business can be overwhelming. I provide a dynamic toolkit for launching a successful business, offering step-by-step guidance in business planning that demystifies the process.
  3. Difficulty in Identifying Target Market
    • Identifying and understanding the target market is crucial but challenging. My coaching assists clients in pinpointing their audience and crafting marketing strategies tailored to engage and convert this audience effectively.
  4. Challenges in Developing a Sustainable Business Model
    • Entrepreneurs often struggle with how to build a business that is not only profitable but also sustainable. I help in innovating new models that leverage creative strengths and meet market needs for long-term viability.
  5. Creating a Unique Brand Identity
    • Standing out in a crowded market is essential for success. My coaching focuses on developing unique brand identities and crafting messaging that resonates with the target audience, setting my clients apart from their competitors.
  6. Navigating Digital Marketing Strategies
    • The digital landscape can be daunting. I provide guidance on establishing a strong online presence, including effective web design, social media strategies, and digital marketing tactics to increase visibility and engagement.
  7. Balancing Entrepreneurship with Personal Life
    • Maintaining work-life balance is an issue many entrepreneurs grapple with. My coaching emphasizes fostering a harmonious balance between personal life and entrepreneurial endeavors, advocating for a healthy, sustainable approach to business.
  8. Overcoming Creative Blocks and Productivity Challenges
    • Creative blocks and productivity challenges can hinder progress. I offer mindset and productivity coaching to help clients maintain a steady flow of ideas and manage their time effectively.
  9. Acquiring Startup Capital
    • Securing funding is a major obstacle for many start-ups. My package includes financial planning and strategic insights on acquiring startup capital and leveraging resources effectively.
  10. Forming Strategic Partnerships
  • Building meaningful collaborations can propel a business forward. I help identify and establish strategic partnerships that offer mutual benefits and drive grow

Making Your Vision Come to Life

Create Impact and Legacy with your Story

Bring out Your Unlimited Potential with Mindset & Productivity Coaching

Online Presence with Digital Strategy Planning

Let's Craft a Sustainable Business Model

Brand Identity Development

Let's Create Magic Together


Transformative Guidance: Broadening Horizons with the Assistance of Coach Dyana

After experiencing deep personal loss, art became my solace and expression. This is when something magical happened-Coach Dyana came into the picture as more than just a guide but also a catalyst for radical transformation. And, through her skilled mentoring I could turn my passion into an ordered, strategic plan that marked the beginning of another chapter in my artistic path.

The one thing that makes coach Dyana stand out from all others is her unique ability to identify latent talent and nurture it into tangible results. She guided me to venture in online stores and exhibitions which was felt impossible or too large before our partnership. It is also evident that she has entrepreneurial coaching skills going by what we have accomplished together.

One of the most significant proofs of her expertise was when I recently featured in an art exhibition – a feat that would have been unthinkable without her help. This achievement was not only about me personally but also showed how much impact she has had on my career path.

Coach Dyana’s influence went beyond taking my art to new platforms and venues; it reached my personal development as well. Now inspired by her dedication and success we have achieved along with one another, I am starting myself up for helping other people who are undergoing their own challenges. The cumulative effect of her guidance shows clearly how exceptional she can be as a coach.



 Empowering Nurses with Vision and Compassion

After dedicating over 30 years to nursing, I wanted to extend my impact on the profession beyond my retirement. Through Coach Dyana’s transformative program, I successfully established a company focused on coaching and training nurses aspiring to advance to management positions.

Drawing from my experience as a Director of Nursing, I understood the profound importance of compassionate patient care. Coach Dyana’s guidance was instrumental in helping me overcome perceived limitations and embark on new ventures. One of the most significant outcomes of her coaching was my ability to start writing my first ebook—a testament to the newfound confidence and skills I developed under her mentorship.

My vision is clear: to elevate the nursing profession through comprehensive training and coaching programs. With Coach Dyana’s support, I am committed to fostering growth, leadership, and excellence within the nursing community.

In summary, Coach Dyana’s program has been pivotal in my post-retirement journey. Her expertise has not only helped me break barriers but also empowered me to contribute meaningfully to the nursing profession. I highly recommend her to any nurse looking to expand their horizons and achieve their full potential.





Strategic Expansion and Visionary Growth

As the CEO of a health consulting company, the journey of transitioning and expanding my business into the digital realm was both critical and ambitious. The guidance and expertise of Coach Dyana have been instrumental in this transformative process. Her coaching and consulting acumen provided the foundation necessary for us to not only bring our operations online but also to conceptualize and create valuable digital assets.

Under Coach Dyana’s mentorship, I have successfully authored my first eBook, with plans for three additional publications on the horizon. This milestone is a testament to the expansive vision and ambitious goals she has encouraged me to pursue. Coach Dyana’s approach to coaching transcends traditional boundaries, empowering me to explore and seize opportunities within the online landscape confidently.

In reflection, the strategic expansion of my business and the broadening of my professional horizons can be directly attributed to Coach Dyana’s profound influence. Her expertise in navigating the digital domain has been invaluable, marking a pivotal point in my career and the growth of my company. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Dyana to any leader or organization seeking to explore new avenues of growth and success in the digital age.