Empowering Women to Leave a Legacy in Business, Art, and Storytelling

At DYMAC, I offer services that are not just tailored, but passionately crafted to uplift and empower women through every chapter of their professional and personal journeys. In my role as a dedicated coach and consultant, I pour my heart and soul into supporting women—especially those in the boomer generation, artists, creatives, social entrepreneurs, and hobbyists—who harbor the bold dream of transforming their passions into tangible profits.

My commitment is to a clientele that is as diverse and vibrant as the dreams they hold:

  • Women Boomers: I specialize in coaching women baby boomers for personal growth and career transitions, and I offer consulting services in areas such as website development, AI integration, digital marketing, and event planning. My goal is to help women boomers navigate the digital landscape with confidence and achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Female Artists and Creatives:I provide coaching to support personal branding and career development, along with consulting services that focus on marketing their creative work and planning events to showcase their talents and connect with a broader audience.
  • Hobbyist Women Aiming for Profit: Guiding women hobbyists through the process of turning their passions into a sustainable business with coaching and offering consulting services that include event planning to promote their products or services effectively.
  • Women Aspiring to Start Social Enterprises: I provide consulting services tailored to assist women eager to launch social enterprises in strengthening their brand narrative. Through strategic storytelling, digital marketing, and meticulous event planning, I ensure their initiatives, from community events to product launches, are executed flawlessly.


Empowering Women to Leave a Legacy in Business, Art, and Storytelling

I offer comprehensive coaching and consulting services, now including event planning consulting, tailored specifically for women who are seeking to excel in their endeavors and leave a lasting impact in their respective fields. Here’s how I can support you:

Personalized Coaching:

  • One-on-One Sessions: Providing individualized coaching that focuses on personal development, career strategies, and entrepreneurial coaching to help women achieve their personal and professional aspirations.
  • Goal Setting and Achievement: Working closely with you to set clear goals and develop actionable plans to reach them, ensuring your personal growth and success are aligned with your long-term vision.

Event Planning Consulting:

  • Expert Guidance: Offering personalized advice to help women plan and execute successful events, from the initial concept to the final wrap-up, ensuring each event is a true reflection of their brand and aligns with their business objectives.
  • Legacy-Focused Events: Crafting events that not only achieve business goals but also contribute to the legacy you wish to build in your industry, whether it be in business, art, or storytelling.

Technical Consulting:

  • Digital Mastery: Assisting women in mastering digital tools, website development, and AI technologies to enhance business operations and elevate their online presence.
  • Innovative Solutions: Implementing cutting-edge solutions that streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enable you to focus on what truly matters—your vision and legacy.

Digital Marketing and Storytelling:

  • Engaging Strategies: Developing marketing strategies that encompass social media, content marketing, and effective storytelling, tailored specifically for women to authentically connect and engage with their audience.
  • Legacy Through Stories: Using the power of storytelling to not only market your business but also to share your journey, lessons, and the legacy you aim to build and leave behind.

Skill Training and Support:

  • Technology Empowerment: Equipping women with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively leverage technology and digital strategies, ensuring you stay at the forefront of innovation.
  • Ongoing Support: Providing continuous support and guidance to ensure sustained success, helping you overcome challenges and seize opportunities as you work towards leaving your legacy.

Together, we’ll work to amplify your voice, refine your vision, and ensure that your legacy in business, art, and storytelling is not only recognized but also celebrated and remembered.







Choosing me as your coachsultant means partnering with someone who is passionately dedicated to your success and growth. I bring a blend of expertise, empathy, and a deeply rooted belief in the extraordinary potential within every woman. My approach is personalized, ensuring that your unique strengths, dreams, and challenges are at the forefront of our journey together. With a steadfast commitment to fostering your confidence, creativity, and resilience, I am here to inspire, guide, and empower you to not just achieve your goals, but to exceed them. Together, we will craft a legacy that reflects your true self and leaves a lasting impact on the world.