Background and Experience

Background and Experience:

  • Business Coaching:
    • Over 30 years of experience in business.
    • Coached franchisees to start, grow, and scale businesses profitably.
    • Marketing coach for another franchise operation.
    • Marketing experience with a nonprofit organization.
  • Digital Transformation:
    • Transitioned into creating own business.
    • Focused on blogging and website development.
    • Embraced the digital world.

Personal Development and Women Empowerment:

  • Transformation and Authenticity:
    • Aids in personal transformations, particularly for women.
    • Encourages women to become the ‘leading ladies’ of their lives.
    • Focuses on self-accountability and making proactive changes.
    • Emphasizes the importance of valuing one’s self-worth.

Education and Certifications:

  • Academic Background:
    • BS in Education, minor in Psychology from Washington University.
    • Graduate certificate in Business from Adelphi University.
    • Marketing studies at New York Institute of Technology.
  • Wellness and Coaching:
    • Two certifications in Wellness.
    • Vice President of Wellness for the Long Island women’s agenda.
    • Certified in Zumba, focusing on wellness for women over 60.
  • Continuous Learning and Development:
    • Certified in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University
    • Business Coaching Certificate from Transformation Academy.
    • Certificates in Art Therapy, Storytelling, and Mindfulness
    • Non profit development Certificate from Stony Brook University
  • Professional Impact:
    • Worked with Fortune 500 companies.
    • Helped hundreds of women with stress management and wellness.
    • Created and ran ‘Dancing to Wellness’ program for seniors.
  • Advocacy and Media:
    • Developed Black Talent TV to promote black entertainers.
    • Hosted a podcast interviewing 60 successful women.
  • Storytelling:
    • Assisted numerous women in telling their stories of transformation.
    • Identifies as a storyteller with a knack for uncovering root issues.


  • Alignment and Passion:
    • Believes in aligning business goals with personal values.
    • Advocates for pursuing work that aligns with passion, not just for monetary gain.
  • Overall Mission:
    • Aims to help others realize their potential and achieve greatness from within.
    • Committed to lifelong learning and helping others transform their lives.


Storytelling and Vulnerability:

  • Embracing Personal Experience:
    • Guides individuals to explore the vulnerable aspects of their stories.
    • Believes compelling change often comes from deep, transformative experiences.
    • Assists people in articulating these stories for personal and business growth.

Business Differentiation:

  • Unique Narratives:
    • Emphasizes the power of personal stories in setting a business apart in a competitive market.
    • Encourages women entrepreneurs to use their unique ‘leading lady’ stories as a business asset.
    • Storytelling helps to create a connection and can be a determining factor for collaboration and customer engagement.

Career Progression:

  • Diverse Professional Background:
    • Transitioned from teaching to training and management roles in major companies.
    • Served as a district manager, public relations coordinator, community relations coordinator, and event planner.
    • Specialized in training, bridging cultural gaps within organizations, and public relations work.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Digital Fluency:
    • Proficient in digital marketing, website development, and leveraging AI as an assistant.
    • Experienced in training over 100 youths in blogging and online content creation.

Continued Learning and Authorship:

  • Writing Contributions:
    • Co-authored books and is working on personal writing projects.
    • Believes in the ongoing process of education and skill enhancement.

Philosophy on Life and Business:

  • Lifelong Potential:
    • Advocates that it’s never too late to start anew and create a ‘second act’ in life.
    • Emphasizes that everyone has unique gifts that can be channeled into business or volunteer work.

Social Enterprise and Impact:

  • Giving Back:
    • Encourages turning passions into social enterprises to address global issues.
    • Supports the idea that businesses can be both profitable and socially beneficial.
    • Offers coaching focused on aligning business ventures with personal values and societal contributions.
    • Volunteered with NGO for World Peace over 30 years
    • Awarded Community Role Model: Harvesting a Heritage of Hope